Plan a Team Building Exercise the Team Won’t Hate

by / Friday, 18 July 2014 / Published in Small Business Advice

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Team building exercises don’t have to be awful to bring people together. In fact, the more fun that your team building activities are, the more effective they are likely to be, since all that took place during the exercise is much more likely to be remembered and brought up between employees. Here are a few suggestions of team building activities that your employees are sure to remember and enjoy much more than a seminar.

Paintball. The great thing about paintball is that there are many venues to play it, outside of urban centers and in suburban and rural areas as well. Another thing about paintball is that is a highly exciting and team oriented, but since a paintball gun does not require physical strength to use, anyone can participate, provided that they wear adequate protection. Paintball makes a big impression, especially in a relatively young office people tend to get very excited at the prospect.

Rafting. Rafting is similar to paintball in that it is an adrenaline pumping activity, but unlike paintball, the competitive aspect is not present. Additionally, while paintball is great for cementing bonds between departments or teams within a larger organization, a raft will have all team members in a single space wherein they must coordinate in order to keep things on course. Rafting also can be chartered on courses with varying difficulty, so nobody feels like they are out of their skill level or comfort zone.

An innovative contest. People enjoy being pleasantly surprised, and people also enjoy winning things. Put these two ideas together into an employee contest. Some ideas include a science fair, costume contest, lyrics contest, or parody songs. Breaking up the office into teams, you can have them engage in something that is fun that they would like to do of their own volition but at the same time spur on team thinking and cooperation.

Remember to ask your employees for ideas. While a surprise rafting trip might make many people excited, if you’re not sure whether or not your employees will like it, ask them. They may also have some great ideas for team building that you would not have thought of.

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