Outstanding Qualities Small Business Owners Should Value in Employees and Partners

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Business owners will be searching for a wide variety of traits in their employees and their partners, in fact, anyone who has a hand in their business should possess certain qualities that make them into an asset on a team, or a confident solo actor as the case may be. While different jobs call for different sets of skills, there are a couple of attributes that, like a well tailored suit, look good on anyone you might choose to bring in to your business sphere.

Punctuality. This is a big one, and while it gets lip service, it’s still probably underrated. In today’s world, it’s all too common for people to become chronic reschedulers, or show up late because they had something come up or a priority get shifted. It is easier than ever in history to communicate with someone who you might never actually share a physical space with, and in the right circumstances this can be great, but when you schedule a meeting with a person, whether or not they demonstrate respect for your time by arriving when they should sends a powerful message that should not necessarily be ignored. Punctuality can tell you a lot about a person, and if you find yourself being blown off constantly, ask yourself what else is making up for it in the relationship.

Ability to listen and retain information. This goes hand in hand with punctuality, as what is really at stake here is time. It takes time to go over what can often be complicated processes involved in your business operations. If you cannot rely on someone to listen to what you are saying and retain the information you are trying to give them, then that is a seriously bad sign for your ability to get things done together. Either you will need to go back and spend more time offering guidance, or they will proceed without a grasp of their full responsibilities and may wind up causing issues. When you find a good listener who is able to understand directives and execute, you should value that potential.

Accountability. If you are responsible for something, you should own the results, whether good or bad. Promote accountability in the workplace, and look for it in hires and associates. By trying your best to create an environment where people are acknowledged for their successes and able to learn from their mistakes, you can avoid problems created by a lack of responsibility for one’s actions. An employee who refuses to be accountable cannot be counted on to perform unless they are constantly being checked up on or pulled along behind a team, and this is another huge waste of time and effort that could be allocated to other activities.

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