New York Times loans tips for tree buyers

The homepage for Mariani Gardens, one of the tree nurseries featured in the New York Times story.

Last month the New York Times ran an article called “How to Buy a Perfectly Peculiar Tree.” Unique trees, the article explains, can be sought after for their size, shape or sheer rarity. And their purpose? “They can serve as sculptural centerpieces to a yard or perfectly complement architectural details.” The short piece goes on to briefly profile three nurseries that specialize in rare trees. One will even grow a custom tree for you — if you’re willing to wait a few years.

The real question is, of course, how much do these things cost? The Times explains, “Prices for rare trees vary widely. Mariani Gardens, a retail nursery, will sell an Ever Red Japanese Maple like the one on the lift for $16,000. A 45-foot-tall copper beech went for $60,000. Installation of a large tree might begin at $20,000.”

One comment on the article summed it up, “How nice it must be to have the means to drop $20K on a tree. Very nice tree, though.”

Another noted, “Trees that cost more than the median annual salary. Somewhat of an extreme garden item. 2% of the population makes over $ 100;000. Please correct me if my fiqures are wrong. Who is this advice for? Only the ultraweathy could even consuder such an extravagance. Perfectly obscene.”

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