New Federal Trucking Regulations Cut Down Working Week

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While numbers have improved over the years relating to trucking accidents, the Federal government recently loaned truckers more break time in new regulations that have just gone into effect. The vast majority of truckers are against the mandated break time, saying that the down time cuts down on the number of paid hours they can book and loans a new threat to their livelihood. The working week for drivers has been reduced from 80 hours to 72 hours, with new mandated rest periods.

The point of the legislation is to reduce driver fatigue,  which is backed by scientific research as being one of the main contributors to the 4000 truck crashes that occur each year in the US. However, with crash numbers already going down, drivers are saying these measures are redundant. Furthermore, drivers claim that the reduced hours will increase domestic shipping costs and congestion on roads. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the researchers who have compiled the data behind the legislation claim that the savings loaned by reduced accidents and insurance payouts will actually lower the costs of shipping. After going into effect just yesterday, the true effect of the bill remains to be seen, as well as whether or not it will hold up in court.


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