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We have already written about the potential uses of Instagram in a small business context, but as mobile continues to grow in importance, so does being able to tap into the audience using it in order to build loyalty, brand recognition and ultimately a base for increased sales. For further evidence that Instagram represents a potential boon to marketers, look no further than the emergence of a Hootsuite style scheduling program specifically for managing Instagram posting. Schedugram allows business owners to manage posting in advance for multiple images across multiple accounts, making the otherwise tedious process of posting bulk images to Instagram much easier. Marketers can deduce the most productive times to post, and then schedule campaigns around those times without the need to manually post on a clock.

Why schedule posts? There are a number of tactical advantages being able to schedule posts in advance confers on marketers. From being able to perfectly time releases of content across different platforms, to keeping content coming through the weekend or during employee time off and freeing up time during the day for other tasks, controlling post scheduling gives business owners options. The ability to save time through scheduling posting in advance is not to be underestimated either, since pausing during a task in order to post something to social media can break up the organic flow of your productivity as well.

Why Instagram? Not only does getting on Instagram expose your business to a large, mobile and captive audience, it also gives it another venue in which to tell the story of the brand. Increasingly, customers want to be able to find and engage with the brands that they like on social media. Not appearing on social media is the current day equivalent of not having a website, which not only shuts a business off from a huge potential market, but can also trigger suspicion from potential customers who have come to expect it as a standard part of a business.

Be sure to engage with followers. Simply putting out content is a limited strategy. Unless your content is so excellent that people are willing to share it without any prompting, then putting out more volume won’t give you the proportionally increased engagement that you are looking for. Part of the beauty of a scheduling program is that it saves time which can then be spent interacting with other brands and consumers, which in turn has the ability to boost the level of engagement each post gets.

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