Merry Christmas Small Business Owners!

by / Tuesday, 24 December 2013 / Published in Holiday Marketing, Uncategorized

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The Horizon Business Funding family would like to wish the small business owners that we work with a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Small business owners are a hard working, talented group of people, and we are constantly surprised by the dedication and innovation demonstrated every day by those we work with. While many business owners will be with their families and away from their businesses this week, their identities as small business owners are something that they are able to take with them when they go home. The qualities of leadership, attention to detail and fairness are gifts that can be passed on by example; something that business owners should strive to remember even when they are not in the office or on the job. May the happiness of the season stay with you and yours this week, and last all through next year.

Photo Credit to Bosc D’Anjou on Flickr

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