Meet the Newest American Generation: The Plurals

by / Thursday, 04 December 2014 / Published in Small Business News

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In a study released by Magid Generational Strategies, marketers were introduced to the newest American generation, now officially recognized as different from the Millennial generation currently entering the workforce. In 2014, the last Millennial will turn 18, marking an important milestone and signifying the formation of a new generation called the “Plurals” for their diverse ethnic backgrounds and open attitudes towards issues including immigration, gay marriage and equalization of traditional gender roles. As the Millennials enter the realm of adulthood, with the increased purchasing power and political influence that entails, the Boomer generation will enter into their 50’s, again a significant shift in demographics that will see a shift of targeting and message through the media channels that target the 18-49 year old demographic with the most significant impact on purchasing in the US, as the golden years, according to the analysis, are characterized by staunch brand loyalty and moderate spending habits.

What are the Plurals like? Changing technology, parenting strategies and legislation in the US are contributing to a distinct Plural identity that is embracing the diversity and changing demographics of the country while remaining cynical about concepts such as the existence of an “American Dream”. As Gen X raises the Plural generation, their individualistic and pragmatic natures seem to be rubbing off. Beyond parenting, the study finds that Plural youth tend to run in more diverse circles naturally, and the fact that by 2019 live births in America will be less than 50% Caucasian means that this generation will be growing up in a world that is fundamentally more diverse than that of previous generations.

What will this mean for marketers in the future? While it is still too early to say exactly how the Plural generation’s expectations will effect marketing and business at large, it is fair to assume that the next generation will naturally be more inclined to expect and embrace diversity in all its forms, from ethnic and economic, to gender and sexual preference. Growing up with the presence of mobile technology and the rise of e-commerce may also effect how Plurals expect to be able to access and relate to brands, meaning that small businesses who eschew technology should rethink their stance if they plan on being relevant in ten years. As the Plurals come into their own, and Millennials move up into adulthood and further into their careers, business should anticipate the changes that these tech savvy and open minded generations will  come to expect.

Photo Credit to USAG- Humphreys on Flickr

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