'Market Watch' loans list of '10 Things the Wedding Industry Won't Tell You'

by / Friday, 07 June 2013 / Published in Wedding Business Loans

In a recent article Market Watch loans “10 Things the Wedding Industry Won’t Tell You.”

Pintrest.com. According to a recent Market Watch article, “On traffic leader Pinterest.com, which received more than 30 million unique visitors in March, two of the 10 most popular boards are wedding-related, with Wedding Gifts (No. 9) and DIY Your Wedding (No. 10) each garnering 2.4 million followers, according to analysis site Repinly.”

Yesterday the Library of Congress taught us that it is difficult to loan a figure to the wedding industry. A Market Watch article from April analyzes the weddings business, loaning a look at the things the bride and groom client might not want to hear but could help them in the long run. These “things the wedding industry won’t tell you” include:

  1. “We could go out of business before your big day.”
  2. “Inspiration boards? More like unrealistic-expectation boards.”
  3. “We’ll punish you for those heightened expectations.”
  4. “Tax and tip not included.”
  5. “The ballroom you chose only permits ‘approved vendors’ — that cost more.”

The story is sprinkled with analysis of these little know horrors and statistics. During the recession, for example, the price of a wedding dropped from over $28,000 in 2007 to about $19,500 in 2009. On popular social network Pinterest 4.9% of popular pins are wedding related.

For the complete Market Watch list and more fun wedding facts click here. 

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