It’s Officially Fall; are You Ready to Take Advantage of Seasonal Marketing Opportunities?

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The Fall is the beginning of the time of year with the highest concentration of major holidays, and with multiple religious and secular holidays coming up, there is plenty of room for seasonal marketing directed towards a wide range of demographics. Small businesses often report their strongest sales during this time of the year, bolstered by holiday shopping and also the movement of Americans across the country to visit family and friends, so being prepared to win business with clever marketing is of the essence as competition becomes more intense. As today marks the official transition to Fall along with the Autumnal equinox, planning now to make the most of the Fall is highly important for making the most of the season and avoiding underwhelming performance.

Review sales histories and make cash flow predictions. Small business owners should take steps to prepare for the potential influx of business by creating a prediction of their cash flows and inventory needs. While alternative capital can allow a business owner to get additional funding within 48 hours, it is better to start with a rough idea of where your cash flows will be based on the numbers of previous years. Making sure that you have enough inventory ready to deploy as well as a plan to quickly obtain more in the event that you find you need to meet unexpected demand.

Plan your marketing efforts based on your customer demographics and their habits. Media consumption has been changing rapidly along with the rise of the smartphone, making mobile tech into a major presence as far as advertising goes and forcing small business owners to reevaluate where they have the potential to reach interested buyers with the most cost effective marketing. Be sure to weigh the potential benefits of a more comprehensive mobile strategy this year, especially if the demographic you are working with has shifted more heavily towards mobile use over the past year. Your seasonal branding is also something that you should plan, potentially incorporating holiday themes into your logo. The value of participating in decking your business out in seasonal themes comes from the sense of participation in the community that all small business should strive to strengthen.

Remember to have fun with your seasonal marketing. Apart from setting up financing plans, projecting cash flows and re-evaluating demographic information, remember to have fun with your seasonal marketing. Thinking creatively can make the same old decorations into the means of creating a more engaging display, and the advertisements you might have run last year into templates for more relevant and timely ads.

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