Is Your Connection Speed a Roadblock for Productivity?

by / Tuesday, 19 August 2014 / Published in Technology For Business

bad credit business financing The internet has had a pervasive and transformative effect on all parts of society. In particular, small businesses have had their ability to reach new markets and do business over a larger area increase dramatically, but also internally the internet has opened up the means for communication between teams and management of remote employees like never before. However, the dependence on the internet means that modern businesses now have to consider internet safety and access as parts of their essential operations, instead of as extra amenities.

While a business may have an internet connection, if it is too slow it can create functional bottlenecks. When an internet connection is slow, it can create problems with streaming video and downloading documents, making it difficult to take advantage of collaborative technology such as clod based document sharing and programs like Skype or Gotomeeting that can allow two employees to meet remotely or even share views of their screens in order to work on projects side by side.

CRM programs are often internet based as well, bringing customer service functionality down when the internet is down. Tools like Salesforce, which allow for better organization and fast access to customer information, are based on the internet and may have limited or no functionality when cut off from a reliable network. Should your customers call in looking for information that would be easily accessible with a stable connection but is difficult to get without one, the extra waiting time can make them frustrated and irritable.

How can you tell if internet speed is a problem for your business? The easiest way to figure out if the speed (or lack thereof) of your internet connection is creating problems for your business is to ask your employees. You can quickly create a survey and send a link to it via email to all of your employees, then gauge their responses using a service like Surveymonkey. From there, it is up to you whether investing in a faster connection is worth it, or if it is better instead to troubleshoot what you already have. IT consultations, or the addition of full time staff to manage your network are also possible areas to invest in that can keep the digital side of your business up and running smoothly.


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