Is the Biggest Risk to Your Small Business Poor Smartphone Security?

by / Tuesday, 12 August 2014 / Published in Technology For Business

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Small business owners possess a wealth of information that, when combined with a sometimes lax approach to digital security, can make them into prime targets of hackers and cyber-criminals engaged in stealing and exploiting their valuable assets. For a small business, even more than a corporation, an instance of hacking and data theft can create a serious threat to the continuity of the enterprise, since it can create major damage to customer trust. If business owners haven’t taken any action to secure their information, they should make plans to do so, as wishful thinking isn’t a security plan. Other business owners may already have relatively strong protocols in place, and know their their partners do as well, but might still be neglecting a spot of vulnerability that until recently never existed.

Smartphones are the newest frontier for cyber-crime, and thus need to be protected just like a PC. While a smartphone isn’t generally thought of on the same echelon as a desktop computer, which can often contain all of a company’s most important files in one place, it is most certainly a repository of business and personal information that can represent a major Achilles heel in a business’s security if not addressed. In  a recent article on Yahoo Small Business, tips on protecting an Iphone account were offered in order to combat some of the capabilities of hackers, who are able to use features such as cloud access, GPS tracking, and remote manipulation of settings in order to steal data or force victims to comply with demands. Whether or not a business owner uses an Iphone or an Android or other type of smartphone, they need to be aware of the fact that, should their phone fall into the wrong hands, it can be scoured for data that can then be used to breach business security.

Set your phone security to the highest available settings, and consider including phones in a security audit if you feel there are still vulnerabilities that can be exploited. A security audit can help your business identify outstanding vulnerabilities by hiring experts to test for gaps in security that are often exploited by hackers. Include your phone in the grand scheme of your security during this process to get a picture of how it could figure in to a larger attack on your business. Linking your phone with corporate email, for example, could give a hacker enough information to reset passwords on multiple accounts. Picking a secure password of your own and practicing strong digital security is essential in order to prevent this from happening. Mobile phones represent large potential assets for small businesses, so protecting them accordingly should be standard procedure.

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