Is Commercial Trucking Ready for the "Shale Revolution"?

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The “shale revolution” refers to the growing natural gas business within the US. As the search for alternatives to fossil fuels intensifies, the trucking industry is becoming more and more attuned to developments in natural gas as a viable alternative to diesel. In March, Shell, the energy corporation, announced plans to create two new natural gas for transport corridors through North America. This indicates just how much the development of these non-imported fuels could represent an advantage for American trucking.

For an in-depth look at some of the benefits of natural gas, which include vehicle performance comparable with that of fossil fuels and the ability to be produced domestically, interested readers can visit the Alternative Fuels Data Center’s page on the fuel source. In addition to this, lower emissions from this fuel source mean that it’s use could be beneficial for the environment and the reduction of our carbon footprint. Some concerns over the process of the fuel’s extraction, known as “fracking” have environmental groups up in arms, ad controversy still remains around whether or not the fuel is as environmentally friendly as it seems.

Trucking firms that are better able to take advantage of these new fuels will be sure to loan themselves a strategic edge, however, obtaining external financing in order to update fleets or purchase new trucks can be difficult, if not impossible working with traditional banks. Alternative financing sources, such as merchant cash advances, may be able to provide these forward thinking business owners with the help they need to stay on the vanguard of the shale revolution.

Photo Credit to Nicholas A. Tonelli on Flickr

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