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Meetings can be necessary to bring your team together and onto the same page, and when used strategically they are a powerful tool. The energy in a room full of engaged employees who are communicating face to face can often form the catalyst for powerful innovations and progress. That said, when you overdo it with meetings, not only do they being to bore your employees, but through dreading them they will often actively disengage and reduce the value that they are intended to create.

Instead of calling a meeting for every situation, instead ask yourself if there is an alternative action you can take that will enable more productivity. Whenever you feel the need to call a meeting, stop yourself and ask yourself a few questions in order to determine if it’s really a meeting that you need.

  • How many team members are involved? If your whole team doesn’t need to be there to get across the reason you feel the need for a meeting, then consider simply sending your team an email or delegating the communication of your idea or concern to your team manager.
  • Is what you are going to talk about going to change the direction of your project, or is it more of a commentary or a bit of supplemental direction? If you are not drastically changing the nature of your project, then why call a meeting when you would be better off having your employees handle the changes you are requesting? A simple phone call can clarify additional direction, or a more high tech solution is to use a software like basecamp or google drive to share information and direction via the cloud that your whole team can access, or just a few key members.
  • Are you looking for advice from your team or feedback from their perspective? Consider sending them a survey that they can respond to on their own time. In addition to the fact that a survey won’t block out time during their real workday, your employees may appreciate the ability to give anonymous feedback, which in many cases is more useful given the fact that is less restrained and more honest.

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