How You can Energize your Office Environment as a Small Business Owner

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Let’s face it, the office is not always the most energetic place to be. When those long and hot Summer days finally arrive, the energy in the office can often take a hit, and in the worst case this can result in a palpable loss of productivity. In order to keep your self and your staff feeling excited and ready to take on each week’s challenges, there’s a lot they you can do to keep the mood up. While turning the office from a place for work into a place for recreation is not the goal, that’s not to say that you cannot inject some fun into the atmosphere to keep people awake, on their toes, and most importantly, positively engaged with the goals that they have set for themselves.

Touch base with your team. This is the most simple thing that we can recommend, and if your’e not already doing it, then start with this. Regularly keeping on contact with your employees is the strongest way to ensure that they are working effectively and know what they should be working on in the first place. Weekly meetings, or meetings every two weeks as need dictates, are a good way to figure out where everyone is at. By meetings, we don’t mean soporific two hour long affairs, rather fifteen minute base touching sessions with your team leaders to get a better sense of what’s going on on the ground.

Introduce some new colors into the workspace. There are many ways that you can decorate on a budgetColors that have energetic associations have the potential to keep people more engaged and awake when introduced into an otherwise somber environment. Learning about the interesting theory behind color psychology can give you a good idea of what to choose for your workplace environment.

Get some plants. Seriously. While this sounds a little goofy, in truth, plants have been linked to some great workplace benefits including stress management. Having plants in the office is cheap, environmentally friendly, and makes the place look better. All this while making the energy in the place a little bit better for everyone. If you can only afford a single improvement then there is a strong case to be made for purchasing some plants.

Photo Credit to Glen Wright on Flickr

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