How To Protect Your Small Business From Winter Weather

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Out the window of the Horizon Business Funding offices, a the first real snow of the season  is coming down, a reminder that all across the country the true Winter is just beginning. Small business owners in locations that get heavy snow or other inclement weather this time of the year need to have a game plan firmly in place that allows them to minimize the potential harm to their businesses caused by heavy weather conditions. While business can shut down in many locations this time of the year because snows are so deep, that does not mean that there is nothing that business owners can do to protect their locations.

Always have an emergency bag in your location. An emergency bag is there to give you and your employees peace of mind in the event that heavy snows block your means of egress from your work location. An emergency bag should include survival basics like blankets and ready to go flashlights, as well as enough non-perishable food to last a few days. Your business location should also have some shovels on hand, as well as road salt and spare gas in the case of an emergency evacuation.

If your location closes for the winter, then make sure there is someone who checks on it weekly. Even if your business closes for the worst part of the Winter, the actual location needs to be protected from the potentially destructive nature of heavy snows. Either an employee, a trusted friend or you personally need to check on the location thoroughly at least once a week. Look for issues like broken windows, heavy snow weighing down on important structures and any gaps letting in the elements. Keeping a close look out now on these types of problems will save you a lot of time and money over fixing whatever problems you find after re-opening.

Stay vigilant. Make sure that your business is protected as well as ready for emergencies by checking your supplies regularly and making sure that your employees are familiar with all exit protocols and disaster preparedness strategies you have in place. Listen to local weather forecasts, and in the event that inclement weather is predicted, make sure that you have locked down your location before the stormy weather strikes.

Photo Credit to Oregon Dept. of Transportation on Flickr

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