How to Decide What to Post on Your Small Business Instagram

by / Friday, 06 June 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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Even though you are a busy small business owner who might not buy all the hype surrounding social media, you’ve finally caved to pressure and carved out the time in your schedule to put up an instagram account for your business, only to realize after the fact that you don’t really know how to go about using it. It’s important to realize that the way the vast majority of instagram users go about utilizing it is intrinsically different from how a business should approach the tool. In the sea of selfies and pictures of random locations, your business has a focused mission, which is to promote your products, location or services.

It’s important to convey a personality that goes with your business message. One thing to be aware of when using instagram is that at this point, the service is highly saturated with beautiful pictures. To stand out, you are going to require something which is a lot more rare to encounter; a real sense of personality and a message behind your brand. You should already have a clear idea of your target demographic as well as what kind of content they respond to. If not, do some market research. Once you have an idea of where they stand in terms of interest, devise some hashtags that can help interested parties discover your content. When you have your plan of attack laid out, then you can begin to start creating posts.

Don’t neglect all the aspects of instagram when creating posts. While instagram is primarily an image sharing network, there is also the capability to share short videos similar to the primarily video dedicated network, Vine. Spicing up your feed with some video can bring a deeper level of engagement to your followers than still images alone. That said, you should be trying to think of creative ways to document both your finished products as well as some of their potential uses. Documenting your processes is another good strategy to employ, as consumers are generally interested in what goes into the products that they purchase.

You can also use the comment feature to broaden your network. Instagram, while primarily about creating and sharing content, is not a mute forum. If you see your follower posting relevant content, feel free to give them encouraging comments. It’s called social media for a reason. You may be surprised how warmly people react to interaction from their favorite brands.

Photo Credit to José Moutinho on Flickr

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