How to Deal With Holiday Commitments as a Small Business Owner

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While the Holidays are here, and many people are on vacation, there are still a group of people who are thinking about work. For small business owners, there is not really such a thing as being “off duty”, yet when the holiday season rolls around, commitments to family and friends need to be honored as well. How can you make it all work if you are still anxious about your commitment to your business? Here are some suggestions for doing both that can allow you to enjoy time with your loved ones and make sure that things are running smoothly with your business.

Designate business time during the day. You are going to be tempted to respond to each phone call and answer each email that comes in during the day, even if it is your day off. Don’t take things as they come, you will simply get sucked in to work mode and cease being engaged with your friends and family. Instead of this, set aside a block of a few hours during the day where you can catch up on the correspondences you must respond to and take care of other business considerations.

Designate what is an important call and what isn’t. You may have a few contacts who are “high priority”. If a huge contract needs some special attention, it’s excusable that you take some time to smooth things out. If you have contacts who you simply cannot ignore, consider changing their ringtone on your phone or setting up an alert system that will notify you only when these important player reach out to you. In this way, you can be sure that any emergencies that come up will get handled without having to sift through all of the items in your inbox.

If necessary, delegate responsibility. If there are some things that still need to get done, no excuses, then try and take what might be a big time sink and delegate it out so that no one person is stuck working many hours on a holiday. If employees are unresponsive and you find you need to handle it yourself, then make up the time spent to your family by planning something special, after all, it is not necessarily the quantity of time you spend, but the quality time that matters during this season.

Prioritize your time commitments. If you need to miss some group time, then think of what events matter most to those you are close with. For example, missing movie night is most likely not as important as missing the special dinner that’s been cooking all day. Identify what is more acceptable to miss, so that you’re able to get your work done and still be present for the most special commitments you have.

Photo Credit to Justin Russel on Flickr

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