How Small Business Owners Can Use Out-of-the-Box Marketing Techniques

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A small business without marketing is like a hamburger without a bun; the product may be hot and fresh, but there is no visible way for customers to grab onto it. Relying on word of mouth to loan a business a boost in sales is one way to market, but in order to create an energetic buzz around your product more needs to be done to increase visibility. Some of the best ways to create engaging material are by taking a little time to think about your audience. In order to create a marketing campaign that will grab hold of their attention, you must consider a few things and then formulate a plan.

Who is your target audience? This is a fundamental question. You need to ask yourself who your customers are and where you know you can reach them. For this phase of formulating a plan, you really need to do some market researchThis will allow you to target your audience with a much more fine tuned approach. Before you spend a dime on marketing, you need to do this step. You wouldn’t get into a jet plane without some flight school, would you? Then why would you start a marketing campaign without learning a bit about your target demographics?

What have they seen before? Here is where you loan yourself that extra something that takes bland and overused marketing material and turns it into something special. You should think to yourself, what kinds of marketing material has already been done here? What are your competitors doing to try and get the attention of their customers? Whatever is already being done, you should think of a way to do something different. It can be as little as taking an existing campaign and giving it a tongue in cheek twist, or it can be as dramatic as trying something that hasn’t been done before. The bottom line is that the more creative and different your idea is, the better it will able to garner attention from your intended audience.

Think about distribution networks. Where are people going to see your marketing, and how are they going to share it. Things like installations, while they may only be in one place, can actually become viral quickly through social media like facebook and instagram. In fact, the irony of having an “exclusive” exhibit or event is that it is much more likely to be shared and talked about digitally than something that is ubiquitous and easily visible. Marketing in today’s world should focus on sharing and creating a moment that goes beyond simply sharing your brand. You should incorporate your brands message into a package that has the potential to be much more pervasive and persuasive.

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