How Small Business Owners Can Use Content for B2B Marketing

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Content is king goes the mantra, repeated countless times within different pieces of content, promoting content promoting other content. However, if something is said enough times by enough qualified people, it becomes more than a simple fad and deserves to be given real attention. Content writing should not be scoffed at as a passing craze; since when is it a fad to loan actual value to your clients and followers? Generally speaking, one of the reasons why content marketing strategies fail to produce results is because the content the is being created is either poor quality, or it does not get enough views from the right people. If you have one and not the other, you are not going to be getting the best results possible. It’s like trying to make a sandwich with only one piece of bread. You need two, otherwise it’s not a sandwich. With content marketing, you need to loan your audience quality content, and work to build that audience as well.

Know thyself. In order to create content that not only drives engagement with your business, but is also relevant to your brand and the customers you are seeking to attract, you should work on defining what your business’s voice and expertise is. In B2B marketing, the challenge is to present your business’s voice in such a way that your opinion is really offering some insight an value unique to your perspective. For this reason, writing an article about puppies as a pet store owner and breeder is a good start, but writing an article about the pros and cons of a certain breed of puppies is better and will create more attention among the other pet stores who will be purchasing your animals. Obviously this is a general example, but the lesson here is to go deeper. The more you flex your business’s knowledge muscles, the more the businesses who make up your client base will sit up and take notice.

Create regular quality posts. Regularity and quality are two of the keys to creating an audience. It’s not enough to post a great article once a month, nor is it desirable to create a slapdash article every day. Keep your quality and your consistency regular so that your audience knows that they can expect quality content and something new each time they come to your webpage. Share your updates through your social media accounts so that your followers know that you’ve created something new and can go check it out.

Build an audience through targeted promotion. Promote your best content in order to increase its reach. A good venue for B2B marketers to experiment with boosting reach is through LinkedIn, where they can sponsor a post in order to boost its views and build off of their current client’s in order to reach business owners in their desired demographic. You don’t have to boost a post right away, you can wait to see how much organic engagement your post creates (multiple platforms offer these insights, including facebook) and then cherry pick the strongest performers to give them an even greater reach. The more people that are exposed to your best content, the greater chances that you will create new followers who are genuinely interested in your niche. It is key to keep experimenting and fine tuning the amount of promotion you loan to a post. Some will only need a little boost, while other posts you might want to promote more heavily with a wider dragnet. Be sure to include links on all of your profiles to your website in order to drive traffic there and pick up conversions.


Photo Credit to TopRank Online Marketing on Flickr

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