How Small Business Owners Can Leverage Expertise to Increase Sales

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One of the biggest rules in content marketing for small businesses is that knowledge is power. This of course applies in the broadest sense of the phrase; the more you know about content marketing, the better you will be able to create content and send it out through the proper channels and increase your site traffic and ultimately your sales. However, this phrase also applies in a very literal sense. By harnessing the industry expertise that small business owners already possess, they can go from seeking clients to being sought after by their target demographic as a provider of information and a resource. The school of content marketing is based on the theory that as the internet evolves and becomes more and more saturated with both information and marketing materials, only the best and most informative content will be able to rise to the top and be found and shared. For this reason, the most effective way of promoting a small business is to become a source of information yourself. In order to be established as a positive resource, small business owners should consider the following steps and guidelines.

Put your insights out there. Curate content that pertains to the consumers that you are trying to reach. For example, a small business that is interested in marketing to Italian food lovers would do well to feature things like reviews and recipes on their blog in order to increase traffic from this demographic and be better found by organic search results. Now, when you curate content, it is one thing to simply post a collection of links and content that you’ve written. This will only go so far as a strategy. Adding a personalized insight that showcases the expertise of your small business is the best way to establish your legitimacy as an information source.

Cover niche topics. If your small business is specialized in a certain area, then the more you are able to share your specialized knowledge the better. We’ve written on the benefits of creating a niche for small businesses before, and the same holds true for small business content. A unique and specialized perspective is more valuable in terms of creating repeat traffic and getting you noticed than the same old content all over again.

Leverage your expert status to create networks. Once you are engaged in creating content, it is time to harness it to start working for your small business. The creation of “like gated” areas on your website where access can be granted to deeper levels of information can allow your business to rapidly grow social networks. Likewise, the creation of a newsletter or other email sign up criteria will allow your business to create a client database that can be very powerful for driving traffic to new blog posts and alerting consumers to new products, services or offers from your small business.

Utilize these networks to promote content in a self perpetuation cycle. Once your small business has attracted a network of followers, it will become easier to attract continually more through the viral effects of sharing quality information. The main point to take away from these bold points is that the quality for your content and the expert status that you create for your small business is what will allow you to collect valuable information and increase your organic reach, which will have the benefit of driving customers to your service or products. Being sought after instead of seeking out, exchanging your valuable perspective and expertise for consumer information and then effectively performing upkeep on your networks will allow your small business to fully utilize the power of content on the web.

Photo Credit to Angelo DeSantis on Flickr

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