How Small Business Owners Can Learn from the B2B Marketing in their Inboxes

by / Tuesday, 09 September 2014 / Published in Productive Business Tips

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Chances are good that if you have an email address listed on your business’s website, on profiles like Yelp or, or in other directories, somebody is going to email you pitching you a business service. If you have signed up for CRM tools or other business services, then you may already be on a few of their mailing lists as well. It can be tough to see value in being bombarded by B2B pitches if you are not actually interested in any of them, but there can actually be some real lessons small business owners can take away from the marketing material they are getting that can be applied to their own marketing strategies.

Spam dodging tactics. Spam filters are the constant yin to the yang of email marketing. Spending hours customizing an email template is lost time if it will simply get swatted out of your customer’s digital fly zone by their spam filter. Aside from running tests on your own templates by sending them to email accounts that you control and using spam checker tools (usually built in to most email marketing services), one way to get a handle on what is considered spammy and what is not is to take a look at what marketing emails are getting through to your inbox and which are getting blocked and why. If you notice that marketing emails that you would expect to get through are being stopped by your spam filter (and you have not previously specified the sending address as having sent spam before) then you should pay attention to why this is the case.

Perspective on optimizing subject lines. When you see a slew of subject lines, they begin to get increasingly easy to ignore. After a while, you are going to be pretty hard to impress, which is why when a tagline does jump out at you, you should be sure to note why that is the case. If you are consistently on the lookout for potential ways to spice up your taglines, then in a few months time you should have compiled a list of shorthand tips for making effective email subject lines that you can put to good use in your own marketing.

Call to action tips. The calls to action that you use in your email marketing serve as the bridge from your business’s marketing material to a specified action that a customer must complete to enter your sales pipeline. The importance of creating a call to action that functions well is therefore very great for email marketers interested in creating revenues. In the same way that an effective subject line can result in an open, a great call to action makes following through easy and logical. Look for what you like in the vast sea of emails and note it, you may be surprised by what you find.

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