How Small Business Owners can Keep Productivity High at the End of the Week

by / Thursday, 22 May 2014 / Published in Productive Business Tips

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We’ve all been there; the feeling of distraction, the doubled amount of bathroom breaks and staring into space that can accompany a Friday afternoon, however, when in a small business environment, that type of distraction can really impact a business’s ability to produce. In order to mitigate the potential for lost productivity, small business owners should put practices into place that can refocus both their own efforts and those of their staff.

Use your time to plan if producing is out of the question. If you aren’t able to produce or finish a project, and your employees would otherwise be procrastinating, then you can still make an effort to recoup the time that would otherwise be lost to you. A good way of doing this is to plan the attack for when you come back to work on Monday, evaluating priorities and setting up what processes you can in order to save time and maximize effectiveness at the start of the week. Since Mondays are another day of the week that can suffer from lowered productivity coming off of the weekend, business owners may find that taking the time to set things up for themselves before the weekend can greatly help them when it comes time to begin producing later on. Identifying priority is essential in a small business environment, and especially important when your team is short staffed.

Refocus employee efforts with an end of the week checklist. If you have set goals for yourself at the beginning of the week, then by the end of the week you should know what still needs completing. Make your employees aware of all that is left to be done and encourage them to reach out if they need feedback. You may want to consider a brief base touching meeting at the beginning of the day in order to reinforce the levels of priorities that need to be addressed and keep everyone on the same page.

If you have an end of the week bonus, such as a casual Friday, make sure to keep it under control. The importance of maintaining focus in a casual business setting is great, since if order breaks down due to distractions or an association with non-work activity, then it can be extremely difficult to regain control and refocus your team members. Instead, take steps to accompany each privilege that you provide with an equal measure of awareness of the responsibilities that your employees still need to keep under control.

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