How Small Business Owners can Build Digital Networks Face to Face

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Social media is now widely accepted to be an important facet of any business’s marketing strategy. Small business owners have countless success stories that can attest to the effectiveness of a well run social media campaign. However, there are many more business owners who don’t know how to get started creating a real digital network, especially if they don’t have prior experience using social media. These small business owners may be turned off from branching out into social media marketing because they feel intimidated starting out, but without taking the first steps towards building an online presence, they are not allowing themselves the chance to ever experience the positive aspects social media presences can bring to a small business. Bad credit businesses in particular can often benefit heavily from a social media campaign, as it represents a way for them to create buzz and leads without investing a large amount of capital that could be allocated to other projects. For small business owners to get started building a community around their social media accounts, they should initially do what they do best;  interact with their clients.

Your face to face communications represent an opportunity to grow your social media following. Your social media information doesn’t only belong in the internet. In order to create social networks with substance, small business owners should have developed personal relationships with their following. Logically, the people who you already have strong relationships with should be the starting base for your social media following, so creating the means for them to find you on the internet and connect is the best place to start your campaign. Putting your social media information on your business cards or packaging, as well as simply asking some of your regulars to spread the word and follow you will allow you to put the clients that help your business thrive behind your business’s digital presence.

A more engaged follower base means a stronger potential benefit from social media. The great thing about starting to build your following through face to face interactions is the fact that clients who feel a strong personal connection to your business will serve as much stronger brand advocates, sharing your posts and pages more often, as well as creating a stronger base of referrals because of the passion they feel for your product or services. When other potential followers see the activity created by your regulars, it creates a favorable impression of your business as well, doubling the benefit of starting your social media endeavors through your physical location.

Make social media and your physical location into complementary bodies. Creating awareness of your social media account through your physical location goes hand in hand with showcasing your business’s location through sharing great photos and updates about what’s going on  there. Social media allows your customers to feel even more strongly connected to your business, so there is no reason to feel intimidated by it. It is a great potential tool for any small business looking to build on face to face relationships.

Photo Credit to Ralph and Jenny on Flickr

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