How Small Business Owners Can Become Pintrest Ninjas

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One of the ways that small business owners are able to drive their success is through taking advantage of all the tools available to them, even if at  first glance they might seem less useful. Case in point; Pinterest. The image sharing website is more than just a way to share clothing ideas and recipes, and with over 70 million users pinning around 5 million articles a day, there is room on the platform for business owners in almost any industry to share their products with their consumer base. In addition to the obvious traffic benefits of promoting your small business on the platform, there are potential SEO benefits that small business owners can reap as well.

Use Pinterest to compliment a social media strategy. Adding another share button to your website gives your visitors one more option to share your content, making it that much more likely that it will grow out in a viral capacity. The school of long tail traffic advocates spreading your content out and casting as wide a dragnet for new business as possible. The image-centric nature of Pinterest makes it a great compliment to branding on Instagram, or even putting your images on Flickr. In fact, the image in this article is from Flickr. The user who posted it gave it an attribution license, and voila, they have a new link to their photo page. With Pinterest, the more your content is shared through re-pins, the more user boards it will appear on, organically spreading links to your site through your target community.

Target your specific niches with different boards. One of the great capabilities of Pinterest is that the content that you put out through your profile can be filtered into different, extremely specific boards. What this means is that your various offerings can be put up in a way that will be organized and easy to navigate for those looking for specific products. A bakery can have a board for fresh baked bread, a board for cupcakes, and a board for baking techniques, to appeal to the broadest range of target audiences.

Each pin can and should be branded. Putting your company’s logo out there will increase the exposure that your brand gets, and cement the association of your brand with the great quality products represented in your pictures. Pinterest users are often looking for products that they intend to buy later, so putting as much positive, non-spammy brand information into your presence as you can can increase the percentage of your users that will later go on to purchase products from you.

Like all social media, engagement is key. Putting up your own content will only get you so far. Small business owners should strive to participate in active community building, which means being responsive to the inquiries and compliments they get from other users. Re-pin the content of others that pertains to your business and brand, and make sure that you are not simply trying to mine follows by sharing content. Fit in the time, perhaps in the early morning or before bed, to check your social media. Don’t be discouraged if in the first few months you get only a small response, building quality networks takes time, so small business owners should keep at it and keep posting quality material that will reward them later.

Photo Credit to MKHMarketing on Flickr

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