How Small Business Owners Can Avoid Getting Sick this Fall

by / Thursday, 04 September 2014 / Published in Business Lifestyle

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The Fall is just around the corner and despite all the reasons to love it, from the holidays, the seasonal produce (and products), and the simple beauty of the season, the flu that can come with it can be a real drag on business owner’s ability to be productive. Whether you get sick or one of your employees, the impact of missing work days can be quite palpable, especially when it forces you and your team to be productive while short staffed. Health should be considered as an asset to your business, both in terms of physical health and mental wellness.

Get vaccinated. Getting your flu shot is a simple and effective way to avoid getting sick during peak flu season. A vaccine can be gotten at your doctor’s office, but you may even be able to get vaccinated at your local pharmacy. In terms of simplicity and effectiveness, getting your flu vaccine may be the most beneficial step to take, but if you don’t like needles or can’t see yourself getting a vaccine for whatever reason, that doesn’t mean you can’t combat sickness in other ways.

Eat and drink a healthy diet. Getting sick can be avoided by making sure that your body has the fuel it needs to keep your immune system healthy. Eating a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables will help you get the necessary vitamins you need to protect yourself from germs. What you drink can also make a difference in whether or not you get sick. Excessive consumption of alcohol can create a higher chance of contracting germs. According to, drinking large amounts of alcohol has been linked to weakened immune systems, so when you are out on the town with your employees and business partners, be aware the drinking more than your limit can put you out of commission for much longer than a single morning.

Get enough sleep. Sleep is one of the vital needs of your body, and without it, things begin to break down pretty universally. From playing vital roles in memory, immune system, and even muscle regeneration, sleep should be the cornerstone of your anti-sickness campaign. Make sure that you are getting enough to wake up feeling rested each day, and not only will you feel healthier, but you may also feel improved mood and productivity as well.

Manage your stress levels. Going hand in hand with getting rest and eating well is stress management. Together, these three aspects of your lifestyle should work together to help balance and improve each other. Stress management techniques range from going for a jog to taking a meditation break during the day. Find what works as an outlet for you, and then remember to give yourself enough time to engage in that therapeutic behavior during the week.

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