How Small Business Owners can Add Some Personality to Their Copy

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Copy without personality is tough to trudge through for the person who wrote it, let alone for a casual visitor to a website, Yet thousands of blog posts and social media updates are created each day by those who feel that just by virtue of posting something they deserve to gain a following. This is simply not going to happen. If the copy that is being produced on behalf of a business is flavorless and bland it’s not going to create any meaningful response within your target demographic. That being said, it may not always be clear to small business owners without much writing experience what they can do to turn up the engagement potential of what they are producing. What they need to know in regard to their copy creation efforts is that the more personality they show, the better their response will be within the demographic that resonates best with their branding.

Think of your writing in a conversational sense as opposed to a formula. Business owners who being writing copy for their blogs will typically read some other work in order to become familiar with the general structure of a blog post, which in and of itself is fine. The issues arise when, instead of writing something in their own style, they simply try and write a post that is as close an approximation as possible to everything that they have already read. The trouble with this, aside from the potential for plagiarism, is that when their posts sound exactly like everyone else’s, they lose any compelling element that would set them apart from the rest of multitudes posting on the internet each day.

Think of your voice as a part of your brand. Take Vice Media as an example of writer’s voice that essentially becomes the backbone of a brand. VICE magazine became popular among certain influential circles because of its trademark tone which adopted a jaded-cool perspective when relaying content from all over the world. While what was reported on varied from intensely interesting to intensely awful, readership accumulated because of the VICE style which was relatively original and punchy. Today, Vice has ballooned into a global media company, built on the strength of effective branding and their “voice”. Business owners who are having trouble getting in to content creation should remember that their voice is not independent from their branding, and actually has the potential to contribute to it and even drive it forward. Content allows your fans to connect more effectively to your company, and can help to convert your employees into brand advocates as well.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew when writing content. Start off with a blog post per week, and depending on how well you are able to handle that, then ramp up your content production. Remember that more content is nice, but you should follow up with some social media interaction as well. After a few posts are written, it can be a better use of your time to comment on the pieces of others and share your posts through your social media accounts as opposed to cranking out higher and higher volume of postings.

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