How Commercial Trucking Impacts The Restaurant Business

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Many small businesses rely on the fresh produce shipped by logistics professionals

Here’s some food for thought; the commercial trucking industry, while not often thought of by your average restaurant goer, has a whole lot to do with what winds up on your plate when you sit down to eat. Recently, commercial trucking was brought into the news through the debacle surrounding the Trucker’s Ride for the Constitution, a protest that, while not endorsed by major trucking groups including the American Trucking Associations, gained viral support despite a low reported turnout. The logistics sector in the US is integral to our infrastructures, allowing for the wide range of products offered in supermarkets and by extension, in our restaurants.

The main factor to consider in commercial trucking that could effect the restaurant industry going forwards is the constraint of freight capacity. As the economy has been racked with problems over the past few years, commercial trucking firms have been growing at a slower rate, not willing to tempt fate by expanding without sure signs of economic growth in place. An exponential increase in demand for trucking services in the event of a quick pickup in small business expansion could drive up the costs of shipping for goods as trucking firms scramble to increase their capacity during a crunch. Restaurant businesses that rely on certain shipped items could find themselves looking at increased costs until the supply crunch evens out through expansion of trucking fleets.

This situation highlights the importance of reliable sources of credit for both the restaurant and trucking industries. In the even of a capacity crunch where each industry would be effected, the ability to quickly and effectively obtain expansion capital could make the difference between keeping pace with a rapidly expanding demand or missing out on powerful growth opportunities.

Photo Credit to Jamie McCaffrey on Flickr

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