Home Depot Hack Signals The End of Excuses for Small Business Security

by / Monday, 22 September 2014 / Published in Technology For Business

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Home Depot is the latest major retailer to suffer from a digital security breach, with 56 million credit cards effected, according to a Mashable report on the aftermath of the breach, reminiscent of a similar hack of Target customer accounts. Another highly publicized breach should mean that small business owners now have no excuse for neglecting their own digital security protocols, especially considering the fact that many cyber-criminals specifically target small businesses, knowing that business owners may feel that the relative chance of them getting targeted is low compared to the costs of updating and maintaining their security. This type of thinking is dangerous, since in the event that they do get hacked, a data breach has the ability to put a small business in a position of losing customer trust, sales and even the ability to continue operating.

Let the fate of major brands serve as a wake-up call to the reality of digital crime. As small businesses increasingly take advantage of the many great tools that the internet offers them in terms of building their businesses, they should also take the bad with the good and acknowledge that their data is something that without protection is more vulnerable than ever. A small business owner wouldn’t leave the door to their brick and mortar location unlocked overnight, since the reality of someone coming inside is ever present even in a relatively safe neighborhood. The internet stored information that small businesses now commonly possess is just as, if not more valuable then the contents of their stores, so they should take equivalent protections.

Photo Credit to Mike Mozart on Flickr

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