Healthy Living as an Asset for Bad Credit Business Owners

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Small business owners are constantly striving towards a company culture that promotes high levels of productivity and at the same time keeps a close eye on a bottom line budget. One way to make your business more effective without dramatically increasing costs is through promoting a company culture of health awareness and responsible choices. While superficially this may seem like simply a nice to have, with no direct effect on the ability of your team to produce, scientifically there is weight behind the idea that healthier people are better able to contribute to a business.

Research studies at the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO), Brigham Young University and the Center for Health Research at Healthways indicate that employees who ate healthy meals and exercised regularly showed higher job performance and lower absenteeism. Workers who maintained a healthy diet throughout the day were 25% more likely to perform better on the job. Those that exercised for at least 30 minutes three times a week were 15% more likely to be more productive at work.

Carter Coberley, vice president of Health Research and Outcomes at Healthways, noted that well-being is gaining recognition as an important measure that relates not only to the quality of life for the individual but also to financial measures that are important to businesses. This is seen in the direct correlation between the health and well-being of employees and employee absence and job performance. The study was based on data collected from geographically dispersed US companies and was published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Your small business can make changes towards healthier lifestyles without overly increasing your expenses. This in turn makes health awareness programs particularly interesting options for small business owners with bad credit, who may not want to invest heavily in constraint defeating technologies which can be expensive. Working with a sense of health awareness makes sense, both for you and your employees and for the continued health of your small business.

Photo Credit to The_Moment on Flickr

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