Halloween Safety Tips For Small Business Owners

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Happy Halloween 2013!

Happy Halloween from Horizon Business Funding! The day is here, sure to be followed by more festivities this weekend, so small business owners should prepare and take the safety of their businesses, their customers and themselves into account. Halloween is a fun holiday to celebrate and is a big hit with kids who love to trick or treat, but there is also an association with mischief and pranks around the holiday, which means that security becomes just as important as having fun. Here is a simple checklist that small business owners should run through to make sure that they are taking the steps that they need to to keep things running smoothly during this spooky holiday.

Stay vigilant when customers enter your store. Keep an eye on the people who walk into your location and ensure that you know how many people are in your store at all times. Odds are good that many people wearing costumes will enter your location, which, while certainly fun and interesting, can be a bit nerve racking as it grants an extra degree of anonymity to any potential troublemakers. Do what you have to to stay sharp and keep track of whats going on, maybe have an extra cup of coffee, since today there can be a higher rate of petty crimes like shoplifting.

Keep your location safe. If you have chosen to decorate your store, be aware of any potential safety hazards and take steps to eliminate them. For example, a fog machine is an excellent touch to any haunted house, but if you choose to use one, you should make absolutely sure that the area you put it in is free from obstructions and flammable objects such as candle lit pumpkins. Keep decorations off of stairways and keep halls and fire exits unobstructed. In the event that there is an emergency, you should still be able to navigate your store unobstructed, so don’t place any large objects in front of pathways.

Give healthy treats. If you choose to provide trick or treaters with some treats, then please avoid choosing snacks that are high in sugar and fat. At the same time, giving out treats that are unwrapped or do not have sealed packaging is not a good idea, as many parents will not allow their children to accept these treats for fear of tampering. The best type of treat to give out is a healthy snack such as a fruit bar or other tasty yet not overly sugary treat. Some parents resent their children being given candy, so be sure to clear all treat giving with the parents of the child in question.

Lock up tight for the night. When you leave your location to go home for the night, take some extra security measures to ensure that your location is kept safe. Turn on all alarm systems you may have installed and double check that any areas where an intruder could enter the building are shut and sealed. While the odds of your business being targeted by robbers or pranksters may not be high, it will give you peace of mind to know that you have done all you can to protect the small business that you’ve worked so hard to grow. Security for your business is a top priority every day of the year, but in particular on Halloween.

Have a fun and safe holiday, and keep your business and your community safe by keeping your eyes peeled during the festivities today and this weekend. “Use your common sense and double check your security measures and you will be fine.

Photo Credit to Anthony Quintano on Flickr

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