Guest Blogging Tips for Hosting Business Owners

by / Thursday, 14 August 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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Guest blogging is a great way for businesses to create connections while at the same time providing their customers with fresh and interesting content. Often, small business owners will be the ones reaching out to other blogs looking for a chance to tap into their audience and expand their brand recognition, however, as a business builds its own reputation and audience, roles can shift and business owners will find themselves being reached out to by guest bloggers. For those who are new to the role of hosting guest blogs, it may not be clear how to respond to these requests, or how to go about managing the relationships that are formed through guest blogging. Here are a few tips and rules of thumb that can make accepting guest blog requests a bit easier.

Know who is asking you to share your audience. While ideally, every time someone asked to share a post on your blog it would be fine and mutually helpful, in reality business owners must be careful to ensure that they hold their blog to a high standard and don’t allow poor quality or spammy content from contributors to effect the trust that they have built up. Before agreeing to host a guest post, do some research on the initiating party in order to determine if the content of their website and blog is up to par with the standard of your own blog. If there is an issue with the quality of the content you find but you still wish to go forward with a guest post, you can offer joint copywriting or editing, making it clear what you envision for the post and including the guest poster in the process of tuning up the final version. If you are not sure about whether or not a guest poster is legitimate, then reach out to them to clarify what exactly they are looking for.

Keep a dialogue going about the direction of the piece and your level of oversight. In order to keep things moving forward smoothly, be up front about the level of editing you will do as well as what you are expecting to be delivered. If you have done your due diligence before agreeing to hosting a piece, it should be fairly straightforward to edit a piece for grammar and basic style before posting it. Even so, be open to contact should issues arise and always allow guest bloggers to confirm final versions of articles. Editing something someone else has written and then posting it without their confirmation is bad practice and will jeopardize your reputation and ability to attract other contributors.

You may wish to invite guest bloggers yourself. One way to ensure that the guest posts on your blog are up to your standards is by approaching bloggers whose work you enjoy yourself. The benefit of this method, aside from quality control, is building relationships with writers who you already know have experience. Sharing of insight should go hand in hand with sharing an online venue for expression and business owners should be sure to follow up on positive relationships once they are started in order to keep the flame alive and create opportunities for more collaboration in the future.

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