Google to get greener

by / Friday, 08 March 2013 / Published in Green Business

A sign on Google’s Mountain View campus. Photo by Ben Brooks on Flickr.

Tech giant Google is in the process of expanding its 1 million square foot Mountain View campus to 2 million square feet. As with all things Google does there is a tremendous amount of speculation regarding the office complex. Will there be employee housing? Will every employee get her own nap pod or his own yellow slide? Will you have to answer one of the company’s infamous brain teaser style interview questions to enter?  Google for its part has long kept many details of campus expansion plans close to the vest.

An article from highlights a bit of what is known. Not about slides or food or access but about green design:

  • The design includes green roofs, one will have a cafe
  • The first phase of the project involved retrofitting old buildings, now they are moving to new construction
  • The new buildings and roofs will be connected by bridges
  • The buildings will use radiant heat
  • The buildings will use solar power

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