Google Makes it Easier to Unsubscribe: What This Means for Your Business

by / Tuesday, 12 August 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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Google has recently announced a more simple to find and use unsubscribe button that will now accompany any messages that already include unsubscribe links. The reason for this is supposedly to make it more likely that a user will click unsubscribe when no longer interested in a a promotion as opposed to choosing instead to report spam. When a newsletter or offer is tagged as spam, the more times it is flagged, the more likely that spam filters will intrinsically tag it as spam and stop it from ever hitting an inbox. Google claims that by making it easier to find unsubscribe links, they are conversely making it less like that unwanted messages will simply be tagged as spam, thus creating a win win situation both for Gmail users and marketers.

Ensure that you are collecting email addresses appropriately. In order to avoid having either spam reports or large numbers of unsubscribes plague your email marketing efforts, making sure that you are collecting email addresses in an appropriate way. In some cases, failure to adhere to positive standards of email marketing practice can result in litigation, so be sure that you know what the standards are in your state and country before you start sending out emails. In order to keep engagement high and safeguard against malicious entities reporting your emails as spam, one common way to ensure that emails are collected only from those who truly want to join your list is through using a double opt in method. What this means is that upon entering their email and clicking subscribe, your potential subscriber will then be informed of a follow up email containing their confirmation link. They will then have to check their inbox and click through the link, at which point they will be added into your mailing list. By using the double opt in method of collecting addresses, small business owners can ensure that they are only collecting information from addresses that have a legitimate interest in their mailing lists.

Don’t overdo frequency at the cost of quality. One sure way to lose subscribers is by sending them a large number of poor quality email updates. It’s much, much better to stagger your updates so that you are only reaching out to subscribers when you have a message that is actually interesting or useful. Now that Gmail has made it even easier for subscribers to remove themselves from mailing lists, you need to be extra careful that you are delivering something worthwhile, otherwise you could quickly lose a large number of your hard won subscribers.

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