Google Fiber Could be Good News for Small Business Owners

by / Friday, 18 April 2014 / Published in Technology For Business, Uncategorized

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Google Fiber is an ultra-high speed internet service provided by who else but the minds at Google, and is being rolled out in select cities for trial use by small business owners. It should be noted that according to Google’s Fiber blog, they are prioritizing private residences, i.e. family homes, but for small business owners who run their business out of a home, that doesn’t change anything. Select entrepreneurs in Kansas City, Austin, and Provo are able to use the internet service, which Google states it put out in order to fix the speed and service issues that plague most standard internet connections to the detriment of business productivity.

The service will be more widely available for use in commercial spaces in the future, but currently is planned on being rolled out in the following cities in the near future:

  • Portland
  • Salt Lake City
  • San Jose
  • Phoenix
  • San Antonio
  • Nashville
  • Atlanta
  • Charlotte
  • Raleigh-Durham

Business owners rely on many different forms of online communication and information sharing in order to remain as productive as possible. Some of the advantages that an ultra-high speed connection offer include being able to hold larger video conferences with better clarity, the ability to share larger sized files that would otherwise need to be sent in advance of meetings, and the chance to integrate more interactivity and visual elements into their day to day operations and training. When a business has access to extremely fast internet, it opens up a vast pipeline of information with limitless applications.


Photo Credit to Johnny Goldstein on Flickr

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