Getting your Small Business in a May State of Mind

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It’s the last day of the month, and in New York, it’s raining, with grey clouds shifting across the sky like gridlocked cars. Despite the inconvenient weather, there is an overwhelming sense of relief in the Horizon office, since May is so close to being here. May is associated with the definitive change of the seasons and the arrival of reliably warmer weather, a welcome shift for business owners across a diverse range of industries. Still, finally shaking off the polar vortex doldrums calls for a true acknowledgment of the potential this new month holds. Here are some ways that your business can mentally prepare for the arrival of May.

Celebrate your Winter high points.  You’ve worked hard to get through the Winter, and it’s likely that you had to enact some pretty clever fixes to keep things running smoothly. Yes, you should have your primary focus set on the promise of the near future, but you should still take the time to give your employees a nod and acknowledge their hard work and dedication. In the case of a tough Winter, getting out of the struggling mindset and into a positive and productive one is essential, and aided by looking back at what you did right.

Have a company picnic. Taking your team out of the office and into the light of Spring can have a wonderfully invigorating effect on their morale, but if you are less of an outdoorsy type, there are many ways that you can do something nice for your employees without stretching your budget. If your team has been experiencing a tough time, then a cost effective bonding experience can get you back into the right frame of mind.

Stop and smell the flowers. Plants have come up before on this blog  as wonderful additions to the office environment, and as the saying goes, April showers do bring along May flowers. An injection of color and beauty into your common area in the form of a new plant or a celebratory bouquet can serve as a lovely reminder that May is finally here.

Plan your next move on social media. Since many things bloom in the Spring, you should make an effort to include your social media marketing. Business owners should really consider the value that a social media following can bring to their business, not only in terms of conversions, but also as an asset that can actually be assigned real value when taking stock of a business’s assets.

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