Get Ready for your Halloween Marketing with these Tips

by / Monday, 06 October 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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It’s a week into October, and the Halloween season is here. While not a commercial powerhouse in the same way that the Christmas shopping season is, Halloween season still is an exciting time for entrepreneurs and a perfect testing ground for assuring that their holiday marketing is tuned up and on brand before the rest of the holidays come along. Incorporating some holiday fun into your business is a great way to get your customers feeling closer to your brand, allowing them to associate the season with your business via your participation. It’s about helping to create long lasting relationships and memories with the customers you have.

Try creating a seasonal logo. Your logo should be one of the first things that your customers think about when thinking about your brand, representing your company with a single, easy to recognize and easy to remember emblem. When you take your logo and incorporate a holiday element into its design, it is a fun way of associating your business with the season and another way to increase the likelihood that your customers will remember your business.

Incorporate themes into your website. A holiday theme can go beyond simply updating your logo, and in fact you may wish to update the look of your website to reflect the season as well. If your business is using a CMS such as WordPress, then making cosmetic changes should be relatively simple. You can easily change background images or slider panels by uploading the images into the right areas. By changing around your website, you are giving your visitors reasons to keep checking back to see what’s new, as well as showcasing your brand’s dedication to

Decorate your brick and mortar location. Decorating a physical location is a great way to contribute to the seasonal ambiance of your neighborhood, and as such is generally something that your customers will appreciate. Seasonal window displays are great not only at grabbing attention, but can also be used to highlight the uses of your products in a way that makes them more attractive, potentially increasing sales.

Offer a promotion. Using your social media presence and local media, rolling out a holiday promotion can be a great way to scare up more business. Something like a jack-o-lantern contest where followers submit designs is a great way to showcase the creativity of your followers and highlight your business at the same time.

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