Gay marriage law loans new business to Maryland wedding industry

by / Friday, 14 June 2013 / Published in Wedding Business Loans

Photo by {Guerrilla Futures | Jason Tester} on Flickr.

Earlier this year Maryland became one of a growing minority of U.S. states to legalize gay marriage. Beyond the benefits to the couples who will marry and their advocates, the bill has been a boon for business. With a growing pool of potential clients caters, planners and florists all have the opportunity to do more events. Some have already reported an increase in exploritory calls and some have even seen an increase in contracts signed.

This is all according to a Baltimore Sun article that looks at how the law is impacting business and how businesses are adapting to a clientele with slightly different needs. For example, a wedding speacialist told the Sun that at a business that will be successful with same sex couple, “are sensitive to the slight differences,” like using “honor attendant,” in place of “bridesmaid.”

Click here to read the Sun’s full article.

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