Gaining Control of Your Company Culture After Business Growth

by / Wednesday, 01 October 2014 / Published in Small Business Hiring

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Company culture is part of your business’s intangible assets, which, while intangible in name, are a very real part of what makes your company valuable in the eyes of a potential buyer or business appraiser. Therefore a positive company culture where people get along together, feel free to contribute their thoughts and skills and are invested in their jobs is not just a nice to have, it’s something that can greatly add to the value of your business.

In many ways, smaller businesses have advantages when it comes to fostering a healthy company culture. Given their small size, everyone is likely to know each other, and are likely to interact with each other in a business context as well. This allows for plenty of room for the creation of strong relationships that can contribute to efficiency in the workplace. The bureaucratic layers of policy that can be added to a corporate environment over time tend to have a sour effect on morale unless actively worked against by management. Small business owners should be aware that one of the most important keys to maintaining a positive environment is communication. Foster unimpeded communications in your business, and you should not only be able to get a clearer image of what is going on, but you should also notice more detail regarding the processes which you implement and how they might be able to be improved.

After growth, even moderate growth, balancing has to come into play in order to retain your culture. With job seekers listing company culture as one of the most important aspects of their search, business owners should ensure that when they are in the process of potentially rapid expansion that they do not lose sight of what it is that makes their business unique and a great place to work. Assigning new additions to your workforce to shadow your other employees and making sure that they know who to speak with about any questions or concerns can help them to integrate faster into your work environment. Stressing your culture during the hiring process as well is another way that business owners can ensure that they are not diluting the unique atmosphere they are trying hard to build.

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