Finding Time for Love as a Small Business Owner on Valentine's Day

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The constant struggle small business owners face with balancing their work lives and their social and romantic lives often can come to a head on special days like Valentine’s day, when the expectations of family or partners can compete with business obligations. While it’s tough to decide what to loan your time to when there are competing obligations, there are ways that small business owners can have their cake and eat it too if they are willing to compromise within their schedules. If you absolutely must work on Valentine’s day, here are some suggestions that can help to smooth things over both business wise and otherwise.

Consider taking a half day. Within a half day, you can still get plenty of things done, especially considering that fact that this weekend is a holiday weekend and will give you one more day to get your life together before heading back into the office. A half day allows you to work, as well as take some time to be with the special people in your life.

If you can’t take a half day, take a long lunch. Often, it’s enough to simply show that you care and put in effort to be with your special person on Valentine’s day.Take a long lunch and surprise the one you care about with a nice meal. The benefit of a lunch date is that you will miss out on the later evening crowds that Valentine’s day is known for, so you can go the your favorite place and still score your favorite table.

Order something special while in the office. Take a minute to set up a special delivery for your loved one while you are still in the office, so that when you finally do head home, there is something nice waiting for you and your partner to enjoy. Again, loaning the time to show you care is often more important than the “where” or the “how much” associated with a gift. If it comes from the heart and reflects how well you know the person, it is a good gift.

Plan for the long weekend. Perhaps your Friday is booked through, and the best you can do is crack a bottle of wine when you get home and watch a movie. That doesn’t mean that you have missed the boat for Valentine festivities. Planning an impromptu vacation taking advantage of the long weekend is a great way for business owners to reconnect and reinvigorate before going back to work.

Write a special note. What’s more important than physical signs of devotion is the real feeling within your heart. Putting it on paper in a special note can be an inspiring exercise and show just how much you truly care about someone. Reach down deep and write it from the heart. You’ll be glad that you did.

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