Financing a Website Audit with Bad Credit Business Loan Alternatives

bad credit business loans

For some small business owners, their internet marketing game is slightly off. It may be that their SEO isn’t strong enough and they are not appearing in local search results. It could also be the case that they don’t have a layout that is developed enough, or one that cannot support mobile browsing, becoming a jumble of code when displayed on a smart phone. For these small business owners, it could be to their benefit to finance a website audit. Before you consider using alternatives to bad credit business loans for a project like this, there are a few things that you need to ask yourself in order to determine if the project will truly be beneficial to you or not. Here’s what you should ask.

Will a stronger website help to create more conversions? One of the major benefits of a website that is properly optimized is that it is able to create leads and conversions for small business owners under the right circumstances, potentially paying for the work done to it over time. Using google anayltics, small business owners can actually goals and conversions and track them in their path through the website. Updating the look ad feel of a website can potentially reduce your bounce rate, which means that you will have a better chance of creating business out of the visits that your website gets.

Do I need to be more widely visible on the internet? One reason to potentially not invest in an updated website is because you don’t really need to use digital channels in order to market your service (at least not yet). On the flip side, if your business is actively pursuing channels through which to grow, then the increased exposure created by a well made website can be highly worth it. A good website can also serve as a type of “digital business card”, that will leave a strong impression on new face to face connections when they seek to follow up with you at a later date.

What does my competition look like? If you have not checked out the websites of your competition, then you should do yourself a favor and do so. The best way to gauge what standard you need to hold your own company to is by looking at what you are going to be compared against by your prospective customers. If you find that your website stacks up favorably, then there may be no reason to increase your lead immediately. If, on the other hand, your site is being outclassed, then you should seriously consider bringing it up to speed in order to more aggressively compete with other businesses in your space.

Photo Credit to Thomas Guest on Flickr

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