Electricians in high demand after storm

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For some of the people are businesses hardest his by Hurricane Sandy only an electrician can loan the relief they need. (Photo: adminhappycontractor on Flickr)

One month after Hurricane Sandy, electricians are still seeing tremendous need for their services

Four weeks after Hurricane Sandy, electricians remain in high demand. Electricity has yet to return for many unlucky New Yorkers. So from assessing safety to repairing damages (if they can find the parts) electricians across the region have been very busy.

Last week the New York Times reported on electricians who have been working around the clock. Explaining that, “the pleas [for electricians] really surged when Consolidated Edison required that customers in flood zones have their electrical equipment inspected before they could have power turned back on.” Reuters noted that these electricians must be certified to work in New York City.

One man told the Times, that days of labor are followed by nights of applying for permits to make necessary repairs. He said, “I go out to my truck to grab a part and there will be three people by the van.” But basic parts have become harder to find than a certified electrician (which one source told the Times are actually plentiful in the area).

“If I just had a warehouse of circuit breaker panels we could be doing a lot, because everybody needs one,” one electrician told the paper. “People are just begging us to get there. But I bet they’re begging 10 electricians to get there. And whoever gets the material first gets the job.”

Electricians have been driving from electrical supply store to electrical supply store in search of panel boxes, circuit breakers and many other parts that were destroyed by floodwaters.  Even shops that have replenished their supplies are rationing key items (generally allowing purchase of five panel boxes and enough circuit breakers to fill them).

For some powerless residents, however, Reuters reports the problem is being able to find and fund the cost of an electrician.  So New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a plan to use FEMA grants to finance electricians’ services in hard hit areas.

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