Don’t Read these Tips if You Value your Laziness

by / Thursday, 06 November 2014 / Published in Small Business Advice

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Alright, so maybe laziness isn’t a characteristic that people value, so much as they may assume that it is a quality which comes along with their personality, like a spare tire on the back of their otherwise efficient lifestyle. The reality is that, while different approaches to productivity work better for different people, laziness is not so much an innate virtue as a habit which it is easier for some to fall into than others. With that, getting rid of the perception of being lazy and taking steps to squeeze more productivity out of your day can be an exercise that has many positive benefits across your business and personal life, as well as serving to improve the balance between the two.

First, stop saying you are lazy. You may not realize just how much power your internal monologue has over your general thought pattern and mood. It can be very tough to break out of a negative cycle of thought once you are in one, which is why business owners should regularly converse with loved ones and small business mentors about the stresses that they are facing and the apprehensions they might have. No, that is not permission to turn your best friend into your shrink, but it is merely a reminder that the good people you are close to and who care about you are your best resource when fighting negative thoughts, since they can give you a perspective from outside your life looking in, which for the self critical is often more flattering than your own perception.

Don’t belittle your accomplishments when you are working towards the bigger picture. If you get hung up comparing a small amount of progress to a desired end result, it can be pretty disheartening and even seem as you have not made any progress at all. This in turn leads to early abandonment of projects or a petering out of enthusiasm, which to the untrained eye can suggest a lazy character. That’s why you shouldn’t belittle your own accomplishments, however minuscule you may be tempted to think that they are. In the end, a good thing is a good thing and deserves to be given thanks for no matter how it compares to something else.

Make more reasonable goals. The way you make goals is one of the defining factors of whether or not you will be able to reach them. For entrepreneurs, it can be tough to aspire to anything apart from the top echelons of productivity, and as a result goals are often set that simply don’t have any chance of lining up with reality. Business owners might not be satisfied waiting around for progress, especially if they have a personality that is prone to distraction, but by remembering that slow progress is still progress and some areas of business development will take time by their nature to mature, business owners can  begin to build confidence which in turn will help them lay a groundwork for being satisfied with their productivity, eschewing the label of “lazy” that they formerly may have felt they deserved.

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