Don’t Have the Budget for Video? Try an Infographic

by / Thursday, 28 August 2014 / Published in Small Business Advice

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Small business owners are faced with tough competition for attention on the internet. While they can make things easier for themselves in terms of SEO by embracing local and long tail keywords, content and the ability to get visitors to engage with that content is an  increasingly important part of SEO, and without an inviting visual hook, it becomes less likely that your site will be able to generate enough attention and time spent on your pages to improve its rank.

Video is a very strong option for increasing your time on site metrics. Video is one tool that can be very helpful in cutting down your bounce rates as well as improving the amount of time spent on your website on average. Getting ready to shoot a video takes time in order to create a concept that is backed by market research, as well as write a script, hire actors and a production company to tie everything together into a finished product. This can be outside the realm of possibility for some business owners, who are either not wiling to make that type of investment, are too busy, or don’t yet have a concept for a video that they feel comfortable with.

When video is out of the question, images should be embraced, and infographics are images that can create a lot of engagement. A god infographic will not only be fun to look at, it will also tell your customers something that they might want to know. For example, it might introduce a problem, illustrate what the issues its creates are, and then introduce a solution- the product or service that your business is offering. The interesting thing about infographics is that, while they are images they can still incorporate  a narrative arc, drawing people in more effectively.

What are some things about your business that people might not know about your business or your market? Info is the primary ingredient in infographics, so be sure to use it liberally. There are many great ways that you can represent data visually, and people enjoy learning new things while being entertained. It is this combination of factors that can make an infographic such a helpful tool for small businesses when video is not an option, and in certain cases it might trump video as a marketing tool.

Photo Credit to Madeleine Skjelland Eriksen on Flickr

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