Don’t Be a Turkey- Focus on Loyalty Building this Thanksgiving

by / Thursday, 13 November 2014 / Published in Small Business Marketing

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This Thanksgiving, what does your business have to be thankful for? If you said customers, then you are on to something. Don’t simply assume that your customers know how grateful you are for their business, prove it to them by focusing on increasing loyalty for your business this November. Loyalty building is a part of branding that can really give you bang for the buck, since loyalty programs take your best customers and increase the business that they give you both themselves and from the strength of the referrals that they bring in to your business.

Shout out your superstar customers. When you have a few amazing customers who make up your regulars, it can be worth it to go the extra mile when rewarding them. One way to do so is to to shine the spotlight on them via your business’s native blog or social media profiles. When you highlight your great relationship with customers, it indicates to other potential buyers that you are very invested in the quality of the one on one relationships that you foster with clients, which is something that consumers look for, especially if your competitors aren’t able to deliver a highly personal service.

Reward frequent purchasers. A loyalty rewards program can be the incentive that brings your best customer in one more time a week, or what brings a new customer in the door again after making their first purchase. It demonstrates that you are willing to provide an extra incentive to make your business part of a routine, and getting something in return after supporting your business helps your customers perceive a fair exchange in your dealings, bolstering trust. When you offer reward based discounts during the holiday season in particular, it can help to encourage larger purchases by customers who know that they will be buying more than usual anyway. The may be tempted to throw a few more items into their order so that they qualify for a volume or item number based reward.

Encourage spreading the word about your business. When it comes to how your potential customers hear about your business first, word of mouth is one of the strongest options. People have been found to be more likely to act on a recommendation coming from someone who they already know and trust, and a word of mouth recommendation has a much higher chance of converting into a sale than simply hearing an ad on tv or scrolling past one on a web-page.

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