Does Your Small Business Need a Press Kit?

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Taking steps to control your business’s public image is a major part of business development. The way that people perceive your brand can be directly influenced by the first impressions they have of it, and when making your introductions to members of the press, potential investors, business partners and other valuable contacts, it is important to get off on the right foot. One tool that small business owners can develop to make this task more manageable is a press kit. A press kit is essentially a collection of marketing papers that explains your business’s origins and mission statement, includes materials that media are able to use such as quotes, figures and photographs, as well as your essential contact information. Depending on your goals for media coverage and the event or venue wherein your business is distributing its information, including a full press release in your media kit may also be an option. The idea is to create a folder that you can either physically hand to someone or direct them to online that gives them enough material to then report on and spread the message of your brand.

A press kit can make it more likely that your business receives media attention. By providing members of the press with everything they need to write about your business, from the photos to the quotes and press release content, you are making it much more likely that you will get media coverage, which has the potential to dramatically increase brand recognition. Building a network of media contacts who you are able to reach out to when you have a PR announcement can also save a business the trouble of hiring media-wires services to get their news out. Local media coverage is often enough for growing businesses, and since local reporters are much more inclined to report on the development of local businesses, it can be a mutually beneficial relationship as you provide reporters with material to report on.

Be at small business events where you can grow your PR networks. Small business events where you can gain exposure and distribute your press kits to members of the media covering the gathering should be marked out on the calendar for entrepreneurs who are looking into expanding their PR. Not only are business events great places for gaining media exposure, they are also wonderful venues for networking and making business connections for anything from finding new suppliers to joint branding opportunities.

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