Do It Yourself PR Tips for Small Business Owners to Try

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On the road to small business success, gaining control of the buzz surrounding the business will greatly help its ability to get recognized for the right reasons. While some buzz, such as word of mouth and customer submitted reviews, can be cultivated and promoted but not originated by the business itself, pr in the form of content and collaboration with media sources such as the local news or industry blogs is able to be directly engaged in by small business owners, and can be a great way to get out a brands message using already established channels.

What is your brand’s message and why does it deserve to be shared? Thinking holistically about a brand’s message and what makes it unique will allow you to create more engaging material for press releases, which can then be released through news-wire services in order to gain rapid exposure from a wide range of digital publications. For business owners who don’t wish to allocate financing to news-wire services, the task of getting a press release out to the right people can be more difficult, but it is by no means impossible.

  • Identify local publications sympathetic to your business. Often local newspapers are looking to run features on successful locally based businesses, and should you have a compelling enough story behind your brand, distributing a press release directly to local news outlets can be effective. Even if a press release isn’t something that local media is interested in, listing your name as an expert source in your industry is a powerful way to make sure that you will appear in local coverage that pertains to your business and can gain you positive exposure.
  • The internet can create extremely powerful reach, and driving much of the sharing of content on the net are bloggers. In the same way that local papers can be used to promote a business, identifying and reaching out to influential bloggers in your business’s industry can help when looking to create strong pr opportunities.
  • What other businesses do you consider to be your influencers? Identifying and creating relationships with other businesses can create many positive opportunities, from exchanging referrals to engaging in joint-branding. It’s good to diversify your influencers anyway, but one of the helpful dividends is being able to engage in guest blogging with them in order to further strengthen your pr.

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