Do Female Entrepreneurs Enjoy their Jobs More?

by / Friday, 01 August 2014 / Published in Small Business News

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While on a case by case basis, entrepreneurs can vary widely in both their enjoyment of their lifestyles and their approach towards managing their businesses, according to a report issued by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor last year, when it comes to overall satisfaction women have the edge over their male counterparts. Forbes reported on the findings, in addition interviewing female entrepreneurs who related the engagement inherent in being a business owner as one of the draws of the lifestyle.

The results of the survey offer some encouragement to female business owners, who can often experience difficulty starting out disproportionate to their male counterparts when it comes to courting funding from VC’s and applying for loans. The study revealed that, while female business owners who had passed the start up phase of their business growth generally reported higher levels of contentment than their male counterparts, during the start up phase they were actually less likely to be content than male entrepreneurs.

On top of this, in line with general job growth in the small business sector, female entrepreneurs reported an increased desire to expand the number of employees in their businesses by five or more within the next five years, with a 5% increase over 2012-13. The more female entrepreneurs are able to turn their business ideas into a reality, the more promise it holds for the long term development of the economy and improving employment to continue injecting cash into local economies. Ideally, the satisfaction that one can draw from being self-employed can bring more female entrepreneurs into the ring.

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  1. Ken Greek says : Reply

    On one hand,self-employment allows women to act without being limitted by many of the informal constraints impossed by established companies’ cultures. On the other hand, there is evidence (e.g. some recent research on Middle Eastern entrepreneurs) that women seek entrepreneurial roles precisely because they are denied access to opportunities in male- dominated work-places.

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