Creating More Visual Engagement for your E-Commerce Site

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Images are an incredibly important part of a digital store. Aside from the copy of your website, which is also highly important, it is the main descriptor that potential customers will use to decide whether or not they want to buy a product. Thinking of ways to improve the engagement level of this content can lead to a much higher volume of sales, so it is highly worthwhile for business owners to create a strategy that highlights their products in a way that brings their clients a more descriptive and enjoyable look at their form and function. In fact, according to a blog post from Kissmetrics, a product video can actually make a customer up to 144% more likely to make a purchase. Mathematically, that represents huge potential gains in revenue for business owners who take the time to optimize their content.

Product videos are a useful tool for demonstrating elements of a product that photos alone could not. One way to increase the engagement of your website is to include a video, which has the potential to increase the time spent on your webpages, adding a secondary SEO benefit to creating product videos. Aside from this, a product video can create a much more palpable sense of demand through product demonstrations and testimonials from customers.

Visually highlight your positive customer reviews. Next to your product images, another important booster of conversions are positive customer reviews. The combination of an interactive video element with clearly visible positive reviews can maximize the potential that a visitor will buy something. Incorporate a reviewing section into the layout website and lead up to it with a call to action. Aside from reviews that are native to your own site, you may consider integrating positive reviews on services like Google business pages and Yelp into your website layout.

Include larger and higher quality images. A single high quality image that is captivating and captures the positive qualities of a product can make a better impression than many images of small size or poor quality. Making sure that all photos of products are clear and alluring should be a high priority for business owners,  since having product photos that don’t give a good sense of what an item is like can frustrate buyers.

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