Create Some Fun in Your Small Business with an Employee Contest

by / Monday, 05 May 2014 / Published in Productive Business Tips

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Small business owners should value their employee relationships as the keys to their business’s future potential. Promoting a strong sense of community, as well as grooming leadership potential in your staff creates a line of continuity for you business and can reduce the negative effects of employee turnover and the hiring process. When creating morale boosting perks for your employees, a few things need to be kept in mind. Whatever you propose, the rewards offered should not create antipathy among your employees. Try to ensure that your rewards are commensurate with the performance that you are able to get from your employees, and you should consider creating some runner up awards as well. You should also not promise anything that goes outside of the reasonable bounds of your business’s budget. Luckily, there are many ways that you can reward your team without throwing your small business financing plans out of whack. One of these ways is by inspiring them with a contest in the spirit of fun.

Create the goals of your contest to align with productive employee behavior. Your contest should not create a distraction in the office that pulls people away from doing their jobs, rather, it should encourage them to get more done with the hopes of winning a prize or special recognition. A contest that is for work, but not otherwise work related has the danger of creating a scramble for employees to work on their chances of winning while on the job, even though whatever they might be doing is unrelated to their actual performance.

You may wish to create a contest that capitalizes on the energy created by your busy season. As Spring turns slowly to Summer, many small business owners are anticipating a productive May, and a great return to their busy seasons. Building on the already present energy and offering special enticements to top performing employees can create an amplifying effect on your employee’s performance which can  greatly benefit your small business’s effectiveness.

Ensure that your employees are still able to work together during your contest. While extra reward can create extra motivation, it can also breed jealousy on the part of your employees, which can lead to major issues. Managing disputes takes time, so instead, try to create a means of recognizing the employee who wins your contest without taking away from the great contributions made by the rest of your staff.

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