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by / Monday, 10 November 2014 / Published in Technology For Business

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E-commerce has gone from being a somewhat convenient novelty to a major source of consumer spending, as well as revenues for businesses that are able to attract and accommodate online shoppers. The annual growth of e-commerce is expected to continue, with this year expected to be the biggest yet, so business owners should make sure that they are prepared with special offers and site support that can help them make the biggest possible profit. One idea that can help business owners turn a larger percentage of their traffic into conversions is through enhancing the on-site support for their customers.

Chat support. Simple to set up and reasonable to afford, a chat client can help your sales team interact instantly and powerfully with on page shoppers. Having the ability to reach out to chat the second that your customers get stuck on something or want a recommendation is a great way to streamline their path to conversion into sales, and can help you make sure that the largest percentage of traffic you are getting is resulting in conversion.

Support line listings. While you may not be interested in on page chat support, an alternative is having a help-line available for customers who are experiencing confusion or issues with your site. The biggest difference between having on-site chat support and a help line is in the number of people you are able to interact with at one time relative to the size of your team. A chat client allows a single customer service or sales rep to engage with as many people as they are able to effectively chat with at the same time, whereas by it’s nature a phone conversation must be one on one. If you are a niche business that anticipates fewer customer support requests, making your support line available as a primary means of contacting support is probably adequate. If you think that you are going to be getting large groups of customers needing support simultaneously, for example, if your business is going to be participating in Cyber Monday, then having chat support can help you stretch the number of reps you have further and allow you to help more people.

Recommended items. A passive technique rather than active, having a recommended items function on your e-commerce site not only makes it easier for people to purchase something that goes with another item they already added to a cart, it means that shoppers who might only have had a single item in mind when they came to your site can be exposed to a much wider range of products which they might like. Not only does it help simplify how they navigate around the website, it means that you stand a much greater chance of creating more sales. The more you are able to figure out which products are performing well and which products are being looked at and purchased together, the better sense you can create of your customer’s perceptions of your offerings.

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